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Consignment Supplies on the Cheap: the Dollar Tree Consignor

In the spirit of smart shopping and thrifty consigning, we’ve compiled a list of consignment sale supplies that can be purchased at the Dollar Tree.  Below you’ll find our favorite tagging & packaging supplies that can be purchased for a bargain $1 price tag!

Stock Up on These Supplies

Zip Ties

If you haven’t already jumped on the zip tie bandwagon, DO IT NOW!  Zip ties have so many practical applications for your sale prep.  They provide a quick & easy way to secure items at just a penny a piece!!  Some applications we love:

  • Tie Shoes Together
  • Add Extra Item Security By Looping the Zip Tie through the Item Tag
  • Combine Toy Parts
  • Plus More… Coming To a Blog Post Soon!

Magic Erasers

Dollar Tree “Magic Erasers” are cheaper than their name brand counterparts and just as great for cleaning.

My favorite uses?  Take scuff marks off shoes, remove crayon from plastic toys or clean up plastic toys like Little Tykes or Step 2.

Packing Tape

Dollar store packing tape is notoriously cheap and I would NEVER recommend it for shipping, assembling boxes or “real world” applications.  That said, for consignment applications, this inexpensive tape has loads of uses.  Use it to seal your Ziploc baggies shut, to attach parts to toys, or to secure Mr. Potato Head’s behind shut.

Painter’s Tape

Painter’s tape is a great way to attach tags to books or delicate items where you don’t want super sticky tape to damage your product.

Giant Ziplocs

No more trying to cram toys into boring ol’ gallon Ziplocs or tacky {gasp} garbage bags!  These giant bags are PERFECT for toys with lots of parts.  Combine the entire Little People Set in one place, bag up all those legos or keep Barbie together with her dream house furnishings.  They also have sturdy large handles that you can zip tie to a large toy piece (attach the Barbie Dream house bag to her Dream house).

Bins, Baskets & Hampers

Consignment junkie or not, you need organization!!!

These $1 bins, baskets and hampers are absolutely perfect for keeping your kiddos toys, clothes, socks and such more organized.  I keep a dollar store hamper in the bottom of my kids closet and drop in too small clothes.

Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap is a great way to secure puzzle pieces or book sets without causing any damage to the items!

SKIP: Safety Pins

Cheap safety pins can leave holes in clothes and are TOUGH to punch through clothing.  The Dollar Tree pack often has lots of the tiny gold “do-I-really-only-have-this-size-left” safety pins or poor quality larger ones.   If there is one “treat” in your tagging supplies, I suggest you go for better quality safety pins.  A great cheap source?  Shannon Wilburn, President of Just Between Friends Franchise systems suggests buying from a local dry cleaner.

SKIP: Hangers

At 6 for a $1, Dollar Store plastic hangers are actually MORE expensive than Target or Walmart.  Unless you are a desperate for hangers, you’ll find many more FREE or CHEAP options to these here.

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