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Pricing is the #1 reason why you are picking up a lot (or a little!) at the end of the consignment sale.  In this video, I share how I put pricing at the CENTER of my tagging process.  It’s a REALLY simple strategy that has meant almost 95% clothing sell through for me each season!… More Info

Finding the sweet spot between pricing your items to sell and selling them to be profitable can be tricky.  But here’s the deal: pricing is EVERYTHING in consignment sale world and you’ll want to be on your A-game!  Great pricing is often the difference between a 90% sell-through or in picking up a huge stack… More Info

A Simple Clothing Price Guide

I’ve seen a lot of pricing guides – on blogs, on sale sites, etc, etc… and I came across this simple little chart that I think REALLY helps provide a quick & easy concept for pricing.  Of course, there are ALWAYS factors to take into account… but I think this is a FABULOUSLY simple start! … More Info