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A Simple Clothing Price Guide

I've seen a lot of pricing guides - on blogs, on sale sites, etc, etc... and I came across this simple little chart that I think REALLY helps provide a quick & easy concept for pricing.  Of course, there are ALWAYS factors to take into account... but I think this is a FABULOUSLY simple start!  Credit goes to Upstate Kids in Clemson, SC. 

The Simple Clothing Price Guide


 $2 - $4

Children's Place/Gap/ Dept stores

$3 - $6

Gymboree/Better brands

$4 - $10


25%-35% of price paid

NWT (over 12 months) 

50% of price paid

5 Simple Pricing Rules

1.  Markets vary - if you have questions, ask your sale organizer

2.  Condition Matters - excellent condition falls at the top of the ranges above

3.  Size Matters - large sizes generally sell at the higher end of these price ranges

4.  "Dressy" Matters - T-Shirts & play clothes will fall at (or even below) the prices above.  Dresses, nice tops & bottoms can go into the higher ranges

5.  When In Doubt, Go Low - the best way to "move your items" is to price at the lower end of the spectrum.  Price too high and you won't sell and/or folks will wait until half off to purchase. 

Other Resources

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loisk4 commented on 25-Aug-2011 11:31 PM
From what I have found, GAP clothes are on the same tier or higher than Gymboree brands. They should be priced way above TCP clothes.
Ericka commented on 15-Sep-2011 10:16 PM
These prices don't cut it at our sale very much. Our members want stuff sold so price it about $1-2 below all the above prices. Those that price similar to the above, a lot of times end up taking a bunch of stuff home.