Kids Carousel Sale

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5905 Atlanta Highway, Montgomery, AL, USA

Sat. Mar 2 from 9am-6pm
Sun. Mar 3 from 12pm - 6pm 
Mon. Mar 4 from 9am - 6pm
Tue. Mar 5 from 9am - 6pm 
Wed. Mar 6 from 9am - 5pm
Thu. Mar 7 from 9am - 6pm 50 % OFF 
Fri. Mar 8 from 9am - 6pm 50 % OFF 
Sat . Mar 9 from 9am - 5pm 50% OFF 


Events Description

Spring & Summer 2019

How to Consign

Thanks so much for choosing Kids Carousel.  Visit our website for all additional information.

The consignor sets the sale price, tags each item, and enters it into inventory, and chooses whether or not the 50% discounts will be taken. 

Kids Carousel, Inc. agrees to pay consignor 65% of the total sales amount for the items that have been sold.   A $7.00 sellers’ fee will be deducted from each check, and checks will be available for pick-up on an announced date following the conclusion of each sale.  Unsold items may be picked up that day as well.  Items not picked up prior to 6pm on the designated pick-up day will be donated to charity.   A self-addressed, stamped envelope may be brought when items are checked in.  If applicable, checks will be mailed following the conclusion of each sale.

Masking tape with your seller’s number and item number provides security for you.  Please place masking tape on the inside of each garment and on the surface of other items.  Seller agrees that any item found WITHOUT A TAG & MASKING TAPE will be sold at the discretion of Kids Carousel, Inc. or its representative.   Kids Carousel, Inc. will make an effort to locate the missing information, but if not, a representative of the sale will set the sale price.


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