Just Between Friends of Folsom

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Folsom Sports Complex, Clarksville Road, Folsom, CA, USA

Thu, Mar 14 from 1pm-7pm$10 or purchase online and save
Fri, Mar 15 from 9am-5pm $2
Sat, Mar 16 from 9am-2pm
50% off sale 5pm-7pm
Sun, Mar 17 from 9am-1pm 50% OFF SALE


Events Description

Caring for a family is expensive, and at Just Between Friends of Folsom, we understand how costly it can be. We believe that hardworking families, like us, should be able to provide and still have money left over and we’re here to empower you to do just that! We provide a seasonal, pop-up children’s marketplace where local families can buy & sell everything you need for your growing family. Let us help you take back YOUR budget! For more details go to www.folsom.jbfsale.com

Reviews + Historic Comments

  1. Shawna Christian

    I ONLY attend Gina’s JBF sales. I have shopped them all in the sac area, and I have sold in the Roseville ones. My experience is lackluster in the sales EXCEPT GINAS. I tell all of my mom friends and I drive from CH/RSVL area to Folsom (and used to drive to Rancho!) and spend my hard earned there. I could easily drive 1 mile and attend Rsvl’s, but Gina’s sales, plus Gina herself are what I drive for. I am NEVER DISAPPOINTED, I am always pleased, she has a great personality, I love her team, I love the shopability of her location(s) (space, lighting, parking, etc) and the products are clean and affordable. Folsom is the ONLY JBF FOR ME. I’m a single mom and stretch my dollars as far as I can, this place is conducive for that!!

    January 23, 2019 at 10:41 pm Reply

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