Rhea Lana’s of North Coast

3 Reviews + Historic Comments

824 Marron Road, Carlsbad, CA, USA

May 5 - 9



Events Description

We accept Cash, Check, VISA, Master Card or Discover
Free Admission and Parking!
Volunteers SHOP EARLY!!

How to Consign

Follow this helpful link! https://northcoast.rhealana.com/consignwithus.php

3 Reviews + Historic Comments

  1. A Frame

    I have consigned with many groups over several states and never have I had one be such a pain as this. The check in process was the longest and most tedious I’ve experienced- almost 3 hours! – and frankly the managers are just rude. The location was small and packed so naturally a lot of my items went unsold (lack of visibility). They were rude at pick up; I had changed my mind about several of the items I wanted to donate but they wouldn’t let me walk around and look for my items to pick them up (as every other consignment place does). They just want me to make them money and then get OUT. Never again. When I left a negative review the owner’s friends trolled me on facebook – totally unprofessional.

    December 6, 2018 at 11:37 pm Reply
    1. RLOP (Listing owner)

      We are sorry you had a long check-in process. We guarantee our items meaning if they aren’t there at pickup we will pay you as if it sold. The only consignment sale that does this. We have to make sure all items make it into our sale. We also have high standards when it comes to quality. Sorry if we (or any of our volunteers) came off as being rude. We had an explosion sale and had to close our database early. We had a TON of items in our sale which made it very exciting for our shoppers. Sorry you felt your items weren’t visible enough. You came to pick your items up outside of our pickup time. We should have turned you away completely and had you pick your items up later (when all 250 consignors had to wait). We still had a lot of things to do before this time. We tried to be as nice as possible but you were taking a lengthy amount of time, preventing us from preparing for pickup, foster family shopping, and move-out. Sorry if other consignment mommas were shooting comments back to you on FB. They probably feel strongly about how these events bless their family and community.

      January 28, 2019 at 6:59 pm Reply
  2. Hillary D.

    My family and I LOVE Rhea Lana’s of Poway. It is a new sale to the area and we are all thankful to have them. Such a fun family atmosphere this event brings and everyone in the area benefits.

    June 1, 2016 at 2:47 pm Reply

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