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Adult Consignment Sales

    3701 South West South Young Drive, Killeen, TX, United States

    Fri, April 19th $7 at 4pm

    Sat, April 20th 10am - 4pm 50% off most items

    Kids & Family Fall Expo $3  1pm - 4pm

    Dollar Dash $10.00 6pm



    SELL! SHOP! SAVE!    It’s time for the LARGEST SALE IN KILLEEN! You can sell your new and used Adult & Children clothing, Shoes, Furniture, Decorations, Toys, Baby equipment, School uniforms, Decorations, Dress up outfits and so much more!More Info

    Don't see your favorite sale? Click on PAST events at the top of the page. Many sales are still in location scouting mode and haven't released their 2021 spring dates.